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Tapioca sago (Sabudana) is a processed, ready to cook agricultural food product manufactured from tapioca root. Sago is a high source of instant energy for infants and is also consumed during fasts (vridham/upawas).
Based on the process methods there are two types of sago,

  1. Roasted sago-Oven roasted variety
  2. Nylon sago –Steam boiled variety

Natural sago

  1. Natural sago is primarily prepared from tapioca roots. The skin of the tapioca roots, which contains cyanogen, is peeled off to extract the edible content. This is then processed without the use of any additives to produce natural sago.

Why LOTUS Natural Sago?

  1. Manufactured from 100% natural tapioca starch.
  2. No bleaching agents used for whitening.
  3. Premium quality and Natural taste.

Natural Sago pre preparation method for recipes:

  1. Take LOTUS Natural sabudana in a bowl and pour water up to 10 cm above the product. Allow to remain as it is for 20 minutes.

  2. After 20 minutes, drain the water completely.

  3. Allow the water-drained sabudana to rest for 1.45 to 2 hours.

  4. Now the sago is ready for your recipe.